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Agenda at a Glance

Digital Day Camp will feature inspiring keynotes, interactive breakout sessions, and networking among peers. Here's what we have planned for you. 

9:30 am


10:00 am

Welcome Remarks

  • Rob Beeler, CEO & Founder, Beeler.Tech

  • David U.K., CEO, Wired Carbon

10:10 am

Creating a Sustainable Digital Advertising Ecosystem

It's never been more important for buyers and sellers of digital media to come together to make sure we meet the needs of our advertisers and our users. Rob Beeler will interview Kevin Johnson and Mladen Raickovic, and discuss what the future looks like for the Canadian market.

  • Kevin Johnson, CEO, GroupM Canada

  • Mladen Raickovic, Head of Canada, Global Partnerships, Google

  • Rob Beeler, CEO & Founder, Beeler.Tech

10:40 am

A Primer on Canadian Policy Issues

An interactive discussion on the most pressing policy issues in the Canadian digital media landscape and practical information on best practices and solutions the industry has in the works. From privacy to iGaming and new streaming regulations, this session is designed to provide a comprehensive view of policy matters to consider in 2023 and beyond.

  • Sonia Carreno, President, IAB Canada

  • Jill Briggs, Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, IAB Canada

11:10 am

Morning Networking Break

Grab a refreshment and catch up with colleagues. 

11:30 am

Breakout 1A: Building a Better AdTech Mousetrap

The IAB Tech Lab is working on several fronts to bring us together on the same page. Tony Katsur will discuss where we collectively have to focus our energy to move the industry forward.


  • Anthony Katsur, CEO, IAB Tech Lab 

  • Rob Beeler, CEO & Founder, Beeler.Tech

Sugar Hall A

11:30 am

Breakout 1B: The New Brand Suitability Frontiers: Sustainability and Attention Metrics

As both the sell and buy-side are working through brand safety and suitability best practices, two new “flavors” have emerged. This roundtable will delve into how we integrate measures of sustainability and attention into the mix.

  • Sarah Thompson, President, dentsu media, Canada

  • Benoit Skinazi, Chief Marketing Officer, Sharethrough

Sugar Hall B & C

11:30 am

Breakout 1C: Leadership in Times of Change

In an industry where change is the only constant and that change is accelerating, organizations need leaders at all levels. From A.I. to DEI, this roundtable discussion facilitated by Shannon Lewis, President of the Canadian Media Directors' Council will start a conversation we'll look to continue well past the event.

  • Shannon Lewis, President, Canadian Media Directors' Council 


Board Room

12:20 pm

Breakout 2A: Identity in Canada Today and in the Future

From data clean rooms to non-cookie based solutions, it's time to test and talk about what is working and what will work in the future. Darcy Kelley, Managing Director at Annalect will share his thoughts about how Canada advertising becomes a more data-driven industry.

  • Darcy Kelley, Managing Director, Annalect

  • Brad Jeffrey, VP, North American Sales, Optable


Sugar Hall A

12:20 pm

Breakout 2B: Pulling all the Programmatic Levers

From flooring to SPO, everyone is trying to optimize programmatic revenue. In this session, we'll talk about what levers have the most impact.

  • Yirmi Lazar, Director of Revenue Operations, Aditude, Inc.

Sugar Hall B & C

12:20 pm

Breakout 2C: Creating Compelling Ad Solutions

Advertising on the internet should be more than 300x250s served programmatically. Both publishers and agencies want to explore new, creative ways to deliver an advertiser's messaging. Let's discuss the best ways to create such products.

  • Brian Batenburg, Head of Digital Advertising Sales, Globe Media Group

Board Room

1:00 pm

Networking Lunch


Commons / Sugar Hall

2:00 pm

Breakout 3A: A Candid Conversation About CTV 

CTV is the darling of the digital advertising space, but much is left to be done for it to reach its potential. This discussion will focus on how we collaborate to make CTV capture even larger budgets.

  • Rose Hutchison, Director of Advanced Advertising Solutions Rogers Sports & Media

  • Wade Kuiken-Rogers, SVP, Strategy and Partnerships, Finecast by GroupM Nexus

  • Philippe Kleim, VP, National Revenue, Corus Entertainment Inc.

  • David U.K., CEO, Wired Carbon

Sugar Hall A

2:00 pm

Breakout 3B: Putting Automation to Good Use

The industry has an efficiency problem. Automation may be the solution, but only if done well. In this roundtable discussion, let's discuss putting the machines to work for us.

  • Devon MacDonald, President, Cairns Oneil

Sugar Hall B & C

2:00 pm

Breakout 3C: Who Owns Context? Who Owns Data?

Who has the right to define context? Who owns user data? These questions will have to get answered for us to move forward. This roundtable discussion will debate the way things work and the way they should work.

  • Ratko Vidakovic, Founder, AdProfs. Author, 'This Week in Ad Tech'

  • Rob Beeler, Founder & CEO, Beeler.Tech

Board Room

3:00 pm

How Retail Media Changes Everything

Traditional retailers see an opportunity in getting into the media/advertising game. and in doing so, they must maintain a high standard for clients. We'll hear from Ian about the state of retail media and what comes next.

  • Ian Hewetson, VP, Ad Platforms, Loblaw Media

  • Rob Beeler, Founder & CEO, Beeler.Tech

3:30 pm

Bringing it All Together

Rob Beeler, Sonia Carreno, David U.K. and Walter Dublin will wrap up the learnings of the day and how to continue the conversations after the day is over.

  • Sonia Carreno, President, IAB Canada

  • David U.K., CEO, Wired Carbon

  • Rob Beeler, Founder & CEO, Beeler.Tech

4:00 pm

Networking & Drinks at Irene-- Corus Quay 

Rob and David are heading to across the way to the bar at Irene to toast a great day. Join us for a cocktail, mocktail, or just to hang out informally. 

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